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    Bio-Glucan Plus - Natural support for the immune system

    About Bio-Glucan Plus


    Bio-Glucan Plus is an immunity complex designed to support a healthy immune system when needed the most.


    Bio-Glucan Plus contains beta-glucans, naturally occurring polysaccharides found among others in the cell walls of fungi, yeasts, algae, and plants, such as oats and barley.   Bio-Glucan Plus specifically contains 1,3/1,6 glucans from the cell walls of the fungi Saccharomyces cerevisiae (popular yeast in the health food industry known as ‘Baker’s Yeast’.)


    Bio-Glucan Plus also contains selenium (SelenoPrecise®) and vitamin D3, nutrients both shown to help support and maintain a healthy immune system.



    Why do we need to supplement?


    Though they can happen at any time, colds and flus are particularly prevalent in cold autumn and winter months.  Supplements such as Bio-Glucan Plus can help support and activate the ‘innate’ immune system, the first line of defence against bacterial and viral infections.  With a stimulated innate immune system, our bodies are less likely to succumb to infection. 






    How does it work in the body?


    Beta 1,3/1,6 glucans contained in Bio-Glucan Plus act as a primer of innate immune system. As the name indicates, the innate immune system is inborn, and serves as the body’s first line of defence against infectious organisms. This is in contrast to acquired immunity, which involves the development of antibodies against foreign organisms, as the second line of defence.


    Beta 1,3/1,6 glucans provide a stimulus to activate cells such as phagocytes (which digest invading microorganisms), natural killers (which kill infected host cells) and dendritic cells, which activates various other parts of our immunity.



    Benefits in research


    Fewer infections during cold season


    Various trials have demonstrated the immunity-supporting benefits of beta-glucans 1,3/1,6.  In one such trial, healthy participants were divided into two groups - those taking yestimun (found in Bio-Glucan Plus) and those taking placebos 1.  The following significant results were repeatedly reached when compared with the placebo group:


    Immunity Graph

    Participants of the beta-glucan group experienced fewer common cold episodes during the cold season:


    • Cold symptoms were less severe for beta-glucan users
    • Average duration of cold/flu episodes were shorter
    • No side-effects reported


    Similar trials have found that beta-glucans can also reduce the severity of upper respiratory tract infections if taken during winter 2.


    Vitamin D reduces risk of infections


    A meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal concluded that not only is vitamin D supplementation safe, but it also helps protect against respiratory tract infections (this covers colds, flu and pneumonia) 3.  A proposed mechanism for this is that vitamin D supplementation significantly stimulate the production of power antimicrobial peptides in the body.


    Selenium-based immunity functions


    Selenium is necessary for the production of selenoproteins in the body, substances with important benefits.  Research has shown that selenium and selenoproteins can demonstrate a wide range of immunity-related benefits including anti-viral immunity, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant 4.



    Bio-Glucan Plus


    Bio-Glucan Plus tablets combine beta-glucans 1,3/1,6 (Yestimun®) with SelenoPrecise® (a patented, highly absorbable selenium yeast) and vitamin D3, which both contribute to the immune system's normal function.


    Patented selenium yeast


    The selenium source SelenoPrecise used in Bio-Glucan Plus contains more than 30 different organic selenium species to imitate the diversity of selenium types available in a varied diet. SelenoPrecise can document that 88.7% of the selenium content is absorbed by the body.


    Vitamin D3 for further immune support


    Vitamin D3 is more efficient than vitamin D2 when it comes to raising blood levels of vitamin D. Like selenium,  vitamin D has also shown to aid a normal immune function.


    High purity


    Bio-Glucan Plus contains beta-glucans with a high degree of purity of 85% and alpha-D-mannan content of <2%. This source has been selected because the body easily recognizes glucans with a large degree of purity.





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