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    Benefits of Pharma Nord’s BioActive Q10 with Ubiquinone

    Q10 is not just Q10

    Many people who take a daily supplement of coenzyme Q10 are un-aware that actually 2 forms of Q10 exist, ubiquinone and ubiquinol. BioActive Q10 contains ubiquinone for the simple reason that virtually all existing science is based on that form of the substance.

    One of the supplements that has gained most popularity in recent years is the vitamin-like compound coenzyme Q10. We get it from certain foods that we eat, and our body can synthesize it, as well. Our endogenous Q10 production peaks and starts to decline in our early twenties, however, so many choose to take a supplement to compensate for the age-related loss.

    It pays off to take a product like Bio-Quinone Q10. The capsules contain pharmaceutical-grade coenzyme Q10 and vitamin B2 that reduces tiredness and fatigue and helps maintain normal energy levels.

    The body uses both ubiquinone and ubiquinol for different purposes and interchanges between the two forms. This is an automatic process, not something we consciously register or feel.


    Ubiquinone has the best documentation

    Bio-Quionone Q10, which was the first coenzyme Q10 preparation to enter the European market, contains ubiquinone. There is a very specific reason for that. Nearly all existing research on coenzyme Q10 is conducted using the ubiquinone form, which makes it the most obvious choice.
    Researchers have conducted tests to compare the two forms of Q10 to see if the body can absorb ubiquinol more easily, but the results have not been convincing. For consumers as well as scientists, the ubiquinone form still represents the best and safest option.


    Recommended in new scientific report

    Another scientific report has just been added to the growing heap of positive studies that favor ubiquinone. Writing in the science journal Current Cardiology Reports, scientists conclude on behalf of existing literature that consumers are better off using ubiquinone than ubiquinol, if they want an effect.


    Be sure to choose the right form of Q10

    Still, it is not enough to ensure that the Q10 product you take contains ubiquinone. Many preparations are made with this form of Q10 but have no studies to document their quality and effect. One of the best documented preparations in the world is Bio-Quinone Q10. More than 75 human studies have been carried out using this preparation, all of which demonstrated positive results.

    Twenty-six of the studies are gold standard, which means they have the highest scientific standard. Two groundbreaking studies in this category are the KiSel-10 study (2013, International Journal of Cardiology) and the Q-Symbio study (2014, JACC, Heart Failure).


    Q10 also in vegetable capsules

    If you are a vegetarian, vegan, or simply prefer a plant-based lifestyle, our vegan Q10 Phyto Bio-Quinone is the perfect choice.