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    Are you vit D deficient? The survey results are in

    Last week we conducted a survey looking at the vitamin D health of the UK population.

    Thank you to everyone who took part!

    Over 650 people completed the survey and it seems vitamin D deficiency is leaving us tired, full of cold and feeling low during the winter months.

    You may not know that 90% of our vitamin D requirement should come from the sun. During the winter months the UV levels in the UK are so low it's almost impossible to get the amount we require of this essential vitamin.

    Because of this, supplementing with vitamin D3 is a good idea. With the survey showing that 50% of people spend less than 2 hours per day outdoors, it is highly likely that their bodies are running low on vitamin D.


    Vitamin D Awareness Week

    With Vitamin D Awareness Week launching on the 19th October we're discussing the benefits of vitamin D and how you can get more of it.

    Recent studies have found that vitamin D may actually be better than vitamin C for cold and flu protection. By supporting our anti-viral and anti-bacterial proteins it can help the body keep colds and flu at bay – extremely important during the winter months.Bio-Vitamin D3 1000IU

    Vitamin D also helps the body use the calcium from our diet, helping to maintain bone and teeth health. If you're suffering from tiredness or fatigue, the chances are you could be deficient in vitamin D too.

    Vitamin D is mainly produced by the body from exposure to UV rays. It is possible to get some vitamin D from our diet however levels are very low. During the winter months, our vitamin D levels tend to decrease. 

    Pharma Nord's Bio-Vitamin D3 is made from the same vitamin D we produce within our body. Due to this, it's very easy to absorb. Encapsulated in small, easy-to-swallow pearls of soft gelatine it is available in 3 different strengths. Buy you Vitamin D3 supplements today.