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    Gelatine | Animal gelling and starching agent

    Gelatine is a tasteless, protein-rich, animal gelling or starch agent that is used in many foods and is also used to make capsules for supplements and medicines.

    We have a high biological acceptance for gelatine as it is naturally present in human tissue in the form of collagen and is fully digestible. Gelatine capsules are also very suitable for containing oily substances.

    In Denmark, gelatine is not considered as an excipient but as a food, although in the context of dietary supplements it acts as an excipient. Gelatine originally had E-number E441.

    Pharma Nord uses both gelatine from cows and fish. There is no legal limit to how much you can consume.

    Pharma Nord's cow gelatine (bovine) is approved for drug production. It is made from collagen from cowhides. During manufacture, it is sterilized at 140 degrees before being dried to the final product.

    EFSA has assessed that fish gelatine used as a carrier for vitamins does not pose a risk to people with fish allergies.