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    Calcium Phosphate | Natural firming and anti-caking agent

    Related term: dicalcium phosphate

    Calcium phosphate in the form of di- and tricalcium phosphate are natural calcium-phosphorus compounds. Calcium phosphate is, among other things, a constituent of bones and teeth in humans and animals. The substance is used as a filler and anti-caking agent to achieve a stable and even distribution of the tablet's ingredients. In addition, the phosphorus content enhances the effect of the antioxidants present.

    Both forms of calcium phosphate have E-number 341. The difference between the two forms is that tricalcium phosphate contains more calcium than dicalcium phosphate. The rules prescribe that phosphate is spelled with ph.

    Dicalcium phosphate and tricalcium phosphate are substances that can be found as both excipients and as active ingredients. The amount of calcium phosphate in a preparation is, of course, significantly less when it acts as an excipient than if it is included as an active substance, that is, as a calcium supplement. As an excipient, a maximum of 70 mg phosphate / kg body weight is permitted.

    Pharma nord uses di- and tricalcium phosphate, where the calcium part is extracted from limestone, which is chemically treated. We do not use animal sources for these substances.