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Marine Plus Fish Oil Supplements

Marine Plus Fish Oil Supplements comprise a unique fish oil formula with 65% Omega-3 in the form of free fatty acids for direct absorption in the digestive system. Omega-3 with its content of EPA and DHA is known to contribute to normal functioning of the heart, plus maintenance of normal vision and brain function. Bio-Marine Plus contains Folic Acid and vitamin B12 – a vitamin combination that contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism and psychological functions. Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid also contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Why Pharma Nord Marine Plus Fish Oil Supplements?

  • Available in 60 and 150 capsules
  • Bio-Marine Plus is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards
  • Combination supplement containing Omega 3, Folic Acid and vitamin B12
  • The oil comes from the flesh of fish as the liver may have high levels of vitamin A
  • Screened for toxins, such as lead, mercury and PCBs, which are often found in fresh fish
  • Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Soy Free / Yeast Free / Sugar Free

Bio-Marine Plus is a free fatty acid formula

Essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are vital to the normal functioning of the body. Oil sourced from fish contains Omega-3 whereas vegetable oils typically contain Omega-6. Both PUFA types have different metabolic roles in the body.

Fish oils contain approximately 50 different fatty acids and are the main source of the Omega-3 oils eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Both EPA and DHA are forms of Omega-3 that are readily utilized by the body and are associated with a range of health benefits.

Fish obtain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) from eating plankton, and the habitat in which the fish grow influences their fatty acid composition. The colder the water they live in, the higher their Omega-3 PUFA content.  We use coldwater fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna which provide the highest levels of Omega-3 PUFAs.

Pharma Nord Bio-Marine Plus
Our fish oil capsules each contain:

  • 500mg of Omega 3 fish oil (free fatty acid form), corresponding to 190mg of EPA, 110mg of DHA
  • 100mcg of folic acid (equivalent to 50% RDA)
  • 1mcg of vitamin B12 (equivalent to 100% RDA)

We recommend 2-4 fish oil capsules per day, or directed by a physician.

    Customers who take anticoagulant medications should consult their doctor before taking fish oil supplements.

    Caution should be taken by those with diabetes.


    Marine Plus Fish Oil Supplements:

    The name of the preparation is Bio-Marine Plus. It is sold as capsules packed in blister packs, in boxes of 60 and 150.

    Declared content per capsule:

    • Fish Oil (30 TGF) 500mg

    Of which

    • EPA 190mg
    • DHA 110mg
    • Gelatine
    • Glycerol
    • Silicon dioxide
    • Purified water
    • Ammonia caramel
    • Folic acid
    • Vitamin B12

    The raw materials comply with government regulations in the EC and Scandinavia. Testing ensures that the raw materials are in accordance with their certificates of analysis.

    The capsules are produced under pharmaceutical control.

    The preparation is an amber, oval soft gelatine capsule with yellowish oil.

    The capsules are packed in a transparent plastic blister pack with an aluminium membrane approved for use with food.

    All blister packs are batch numbered and the boxes are date stamped in accordance with current regulations.

    Minimum 2 years.

    Product to be stored at room temperature.

    The rights to this product belong to:

    Pharma Nord ApS, Denmark.

    More information is available on request.


    If taken as recommended (2-4 capsules per day):

    • 60 capsules – 15 day supply (based on 4 capsules per day)
    • 150 capsules – 37 day supply (based on 4 capsules per day)

    Dose and Dosage:


    Relative to the food we eat, the size of individual nutrients are actually incredibly small. As a result, we need to use units other than grammes (g) to describe them. Here's what the common units for nutrients are:

    Grammes (G)- often used to describe nutritional powders. Most teaspoons of powder weigh approximately 5g.

    Milligrams (Mg)- 1000mg is equal to 1g

    Micrograms (Mcg or μg)- 1000μg is equal to 1mg

    International Units (IU)- Slightly more complex than milligrams (mg) and micrograms (μg), International Units measure differently from nutrient to nutrient. The most common nutrients that are likely to be measured in IU are vitamins D, E and A.

    • Vitamin D: 1 IU is the equivalent of 0.025 μg of D2 or D3
    • Vitamin A: 1 IU is the equivalent of 0.3 mcg retinol
    • Beta-carotene (provitamin A): 1 IU is the equivalent of 0.6 μg of beta carotene
    • Vitamin E: 1 IU is the equivalent of 0.67 mg d-alpha-tocopherol

    3 reviews for Marine Plus Fish Oil Supplements

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    starstarstarstarstar5 stars

    V Freeman - 3rd January 2019:

    I have also just started taking their bio-marine plus fish oil tablets as my fingers were starting to feel a little stiffer and so far I can see there has been an improvement so will definitely continue to take them

    starstarstarstarstar5 stars

    John - 28th July 2014:

    About 2 months ago I tried Bio-Marine Plus the benefits are great I used to have dry rough skin in various places this has gone skin feels smooth and has a sheen to it.

    starstarstarstarstar5 stars

    R Billinghurst - 15th February 2013:

    My doctor recommended these. I have had heart surgery and I need to look after my eyes and joints. I can't find this quality anywhere else. I know the difference if I forget to take them.

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