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    Digestive enzyme supplements help support your digestive health!

    Enzyme deficiency is a common problem, especially in older people and those with a diet high in complex carbohydrates. Digestive symptoms include heartburn and constipation. While there are a number of tablets to treat these symptoms, only digestive enzyme supplements help fix the root of the problem. 

    Digestive Enzyme Supplements

    Digestive enzymes can include:

    • Lipase – helps breaks down complex fats into smaller compounds (triglycerides etc)
    • Amylase – helps breaks down complex sugars/starches into smaller compounds (glucose etc)
    • Protease - enzymes that help break down proteins into smaller compounds (amino acids etc )
    • Lactase – helps break down lactose (into glucose and galactose)

    All our digestive health supplements are below for you to choose from.