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The Research database — Pharma Nord’s Foundation

Pharma Nord’s research department is always at the forefront of the latest international nutritional science. Scientific studies and articles are carefully registered and catalogued in the most comprehensive research database of the industry. Pharma Nord currently holds more than 9,000 scientific references. A considerable amount of these studies have used Pharma Nord’s own products. The research database is continuously revised whenever new studies of relevance to Pharma Nord’s products are published. The research department’s library is a vital tool for developing new products and improving existing ones.

The Research Database

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Besides the many scientific articles and studies used by Pharma Nord as a foundation for developing new products and improving or updating those that already exist, the company has conducted over 300 published studies with products of its own. This research is the cornerstone of the entire documentation that is so vital for the success of Pharma Nord’s products. New titles are continuously added to the database.

Over the years, Pharma Nord has established a comprehensive international network of scientists in areas such as cardiology, oncology, odontology, surgery, dietary technology and several others. This collaboration, and consequently the ongoing dialogue with researchers, is an extremely important tool for the development of our products.

Pharma Nord actively supports science in its efforts to find new treatments, in particular in order to increase the quality of life of people who, due to age or illness, can benefit from the medicine Myoqinon for prevention and treatment of coenzyme Q10 deficiency. Among other things, Pharma Nord’s preparations were used in the Swedish KiSel-10 trial with Q10 and selenium supplements for healthy elderly and also Q-Symbio, a large, multinational trial using Q10 from Pharma Nord. These trials are now complete with exceptional results.


Changing the World with Selenium - ResearchThe fight against cancer is one of medical science’s greatest challenges. Pharma Nord is actively involved in international research in cancer prevention and treatment. One of the largest and most ambitious planned European research projects in this area to date is the international PRECISE study. Pharma Nord delivered both tablets and placebo tablets for the PRECISE pilot study. Our plan for the PRECISE study to encompass 35-40000 volunteers from Denmark, Sweden and England, is not yet funded.

Pharma Nord has also supplied preparations for a large multicenter study of bladder cancer with patients from centres in Belgium, France and England.

Pharma Nord’s coenzyme Q10 preparation, Myoqinon, is a reference product for the International Coenzyme Q10 Association, 70 studies document its bioavailability. The research is one of the main reasons why the preparation is able to document such a high level of bio-availability. Furthermore, the fact that it has been on the market for close to 20 years provides good safety data for the product.

In some areas the amount of new science surfaces so frequently, it pays off to arrange regular symposiums, where scientists from all over the world gather to present the latest scientific breakthroughs. In addition, Pharma Nord hosts or co-hosts such events. So far, scientific symposiums and conferences focus on research areas like Q10, CLA and selenium.

Consumers make their own experience and this is of invaluable importance to our existing and future products. It gives a clue as to whether or not the preparations have an effect and are generally safe to use. For this reason, Pharma Nord regards every type of consumer feedback as something of enormous value, and actively encourages consumers to contact the company if there is a story to tell.

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