Vote for Bio-Quinone Active Q10!

We've been nominated for an award in the Best VMS category at the Natural Healthcare in the Community Awards 2015!

Natural Healthcare in the Community Awards

Need some convincing before you vote? Here's five reasons to choose Bio-Quinone Active Q10.

1. It was the first coenzyme Q10 formula to be introduced in Europe more than 25 years ago. While other products have tried, no formula is quite like it.

2. It has been selected by the International Coenzyme Q10 Association as the gold standard to be used in international research. This is due to its ability to effectively raise blood CoQ10 levels.

3. The benefits of the supplement, including energy and heart health, are documented in over 90 clinical studies.

4. The patented oil-based delivery system and dissolved crystal structure mean superior bio-availability. The Q10 can be effectively absorbed and used by our bodies, meaning your customers can feel the difference.

5. Each capsule is manufactured under pharmaceutical control in our Danish manufacturing plant to ensure the highest quality. Blister packing also helps to protect the active ingredient so it maintains its potency.

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July 2015