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Pycnogenol and Q10: Improves fitness and cardiovascular health

A study from Italy has shown that ingestion of Pycnogenol, taken together with Q10 improves cardiovascular health in patients with heart failure by improving its pumping ability, reducing blood pressure, enhancing vascular function, reducing led edema and increasing the patients walking distance.

It concerns a small single-bling, placebo-controlled trial of Pycnogenol, a standardized, patented pine bark extract from the French maritime pine along with Q10 from the Japanese company Kaneka. The capsules used in the study was obtained from Pharma Nord, and corresponds to the products Bio Quinone Q10 and Bio Pycnogenol.

The study involved 53 patients aged 54 to 68 years who all had high blood pressure in mild to moderate degree and also so-called stable congestive heart failure, a disease where the heart is not pumping as well as it should. Their ejection fraction was reduced to 40% of normal. Ejection fraction is the percentage amount of blood the heart pumps per pulse.

The patients were divided into two groups: one group receiving capsules with a mixture of 15 mg Pycnogenol and 50 mg Q10. A total of 105 mg pycnogenol and 350 mg Q10 daily. The second group received placebo capsules in addition to their individual drugs. The treatment group and control group were similar at baseline. Patients were instructed to take seven capsules in the morning after breakfast, every day. The study lasted 12 weeks.


Since the patients received Pycnogenol and Q10 as part of their regular treatment both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly. Their heart rate and respiratory rate decreased, ie. The number of breaths per minute and they improved their ejection fraction with 22.4% compared to the group receiving placebo. They also experienced an improved fitness and a decreased distal edema. The Pycnogenol Q10 group was also able to walk 5.3km longer than the placebo group.

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