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High Fiber Diet; Lower Cardio Risk

High fiber diet lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

A study from Northwestern University in Chicago on data from approx. 11.000 adults showed that those with the highest fiber intake also has the lowest risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The new result makes sense since it has long been known that a high fiber diet prevents obesity, improves blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. All factors that over a longer period of time will affect the development of cardiovascular disease.

The study divided the subjects into three groups depending on their age. It turned out that both younger people between 20-39 years and middle-aged between 40-59 years with the highest fiber intake, compared with those with the lowest fiber intake had a statistically significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease. In the elderly group between 60-79 years, the consumption of fibre did not significantly show a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease.

One explanation could be that if elderly adults already have developed risk factors for heart disease before they begin a high fiber diet, the effect will not be apparent in the investigation. The study suggests that it is important to incorporate a fiber rich diet early in life. 

What is a high fibre content? The American Heart Association recommends at least 25 grams of fibre from the diet each day. Only a few Americans reach this minimum.

Ref.Press Release march 22, 2011Northwestern University

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