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Fibre Removes Dangerous Abdominal Fat

Finally, an easy way to reduce an overly large belly: For every 10 grams of soluble fiber that you consume a day, you lose 3.7% abdominal fat over a period of five years, according to a new study. Furthermore, if you exercise moderately you can double the loss of body fat.

The novelty of this study is not that increased fiber intake may reduce weight, what's new is that researchers this time have looked at the relationship between fiber intake and specific fat deposits. It is not just risky to have too much body fat. The location of where the body fat is is important. The fat that surrounds internal organs is goes by the name of visceral fat. Long-term studies suggest a correlation between the level of visceral fat and the risk of blood sugar disorders in the form of impaired glucose tolerance and type-2-diabetes and hypertension and fatty liver.

In contrast, subcutaneous fat is not harmful. Intake of soluble fiber did not affect the level of subcutaneous fat, but if you also exercise moderately, you can at the same time achieve a reduction of 7.4% of visceral fat and 3.6% of subcutaneous fat compared with those who do not exercise.

Too much abdominal fat?

In the study, the amount of abdominal fat was accurately using CT scanner measurements. An easy way to figure out whether you have unnecessary visceral fat is to measure your waistline. If the waistline is 88 cm or more (for women) or 102 cm or more (for men) you most likely have too much visceral fat and, hence, an increased risk for later complications.

Pharma Nord Fiber Supplements

Bio-Fiber from Pharma Nord is composed of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber from sugar beets and apples. Each tablet weighs 0.7 g. A daily fiber supplement makes it easier to reach the desired level of fiber in the diet.


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