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Glucosamine Cream with MSM Case Study

Glucosamine Cream with MSMFor years, Michael Grant supported his family using his own two hands. But when he began to suffer from excruciating pain, the 31-year-old carpet fitter from Manchester, feared he would no longer be able to provide for his wife and baby daughter. Thankfully Michael discovered Glucosamine cream with MSM and turned his life around.

"I'm a skilled tradesman. I make my living with my hands, but the pain in my hands was so severe I couldn't work, I couldn't sleep, I became a walking zombie. Since taking Glucosamine cream with MSM I don't have pain like I used to at all. It really has changed my life and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's been like a miracle for me." Michael says.

Michael can still recall the day the pain in his hands began.

He says: "It was a Sunday and I was at home with my wife. I had no idea what it was and it was so painful I had to go to the hospital. They ran a number of tests, but couldn't find anything wrong. The pain was in both hands and I developed red marks going up my arm. I was prescribed antibiotics, but although they seemed to work at first, the problem soon returned. It was so painful I couldn't work and I could barely sleep at night. I spoke to my GP and went to see a specialist, but everything I tried helped at first, but stopped working eventually, so I started to turn to alternative, homeopathic treatment. But again, nothing seemed to really help. It was a chance occurrence that finally led me to Pharma Nord's Glucosamine MSM cream. My wife was buying vitamins from a nearby health food store and the very helpful lady who worked there put a number of leaflets for other products in her bag. One of the leaflets was for Glucosamine MSM cream and I found myself reading it that night. It was convincing, I decided to buy some and give it a try. "

"After so many failed attempts to relieve the pain in my hands I had no expectations, but within minutes of applying the cream I could feel something happening. At first I thought it has to be my imagination. It couldn't work that quickly, but the more I used it the better I felt. I was able to work again and get on with my life. The marks on my hands, which were bright red have now almost gone and the pain is greatly reduced."

"I keep a constant supply of Glucosamine cream with MSM on me at all times. I keep a tube in my pockets, in the car, at work, and all the rooms of my house. I have to make sure I'm never without it and take it everywhere with me - even on holiday."

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