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Vitamin D in Oil is Better Absorbed

Vitamin D in oil has better absorption

More and more people are taking a daily supplement of vitamin D. Most noteworthy it is a nutrient that has a huge impact on human health. According to American researchers, vitamin D oil absorbs better than if it's in powder or ethanol form. Furthermore the Bio-Vitamin D3 800IU supplement from Pharma Nord uses oil for this exact reason.
Better absorption in oil
According to American scientists who have reviewed four clinical studies of different vitamin D formulations, supplements that use oil as a transport vehicle have better bio-availability than products that use powder or ethanol. Hence their research is published ahead of print in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.
Tiny capsules of vitamin D
Pharma Nord's Bio-Vitamin D3 800IU contains 20 micrograms of biologically active D3-vitamin. Furthermore the gelatine capsules contain the vitamin in cold-pressed olive oil. Blister-packed for quality and bio-availability. RRP £6.95 for 120 caps. Source: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, April 2010.

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