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Vitamin D for immune health

Spanish scientists have conducted exciting new vitamin D research showing how the sunshine nutrient plays a key role in our immune system. This is something that Pharma Nord has long supported, especially with our range of Bio-Vitamin D3 supplements that are now supplied to many hospitals and pharmacies across the country. By up-regulating the body's innate immune function, vitamin D can help with the fight against viruses and bacteria. We already know that vitamin D is vital for bone health, muscles and nerves, but it offers so much more, with dozens of vitamin D receptors in place all over the body. In Northern Europe we get very little of the UV light needed to make vitamin D in our skin, so quality vitamin D3 supplements, as recommended by the scientists, are a sensible approach. Vitamin D is lipid soluble, so look for preparations that use oil and are made to pharmaceutical standards to guarantee safety. The vitamin D3 form (cholecalciferol) is also much more potent (over 50 times) than the common vitamin D2 form (ergocalciferol) often found in fortified foods. Family Beach Sunshine    

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