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Full of cold? Think zinc!

Pharma Nord target seasonal illness with their fast-acting new pastilles, Bio-InfluZinc + C.

It is now understood that a zinc supplement, administered within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms, reduces the duration and severity of the common cold in healthy people. In a 2011 Cochrane Review, Singh et al outlined the benefits of the essential trace element zinc for real-time protection against colds. Their review revealed that absenteeism from school and work due to colds can be reduced in children and adults when they increase their zinc intake. Zinc supplement trials for colds began as far back as 1984. However, there was a delay in reaching this important conclusion due to the outcome of some trials being affected by poor bio-availability.

Absorption is everything

In the preventative nutrition industry, Pharma Nord leads the field when it comes to bioavailability. With over 9000 scientific studies, supplements such as Ubiquinone CoQ10, SelenoPrecise and Bio-Chromium are known for their proven and consistent absorption, showing that quality counts in the vitamin world. Pharma Nord's latest zinc supplement is no exception. It's formulated to be safe, easy to take and, above all, readily absorbed.

Vitamin C and Zinc supplement, Bio-InfluZinc + C is designed to target the onset of a cold. The orange flavour pastilles contain organically bound, bioavailable zinc and natural vitamin C in the form of Acerola cherry extract. The pastille preparation ensures fast, soothing delivery of the active ingredients to the mucous membranes in the oral cavity and throat. They're sugar free, containing only natural sweeteners.

Vitamin C and Zinc

The benefit of combining vitamin C and zinc is that they both contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and defend against cell damage from oxidative stress. Vitamin C also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, while increasing energy levels. High, acute intake of vitamin C and zinc could be useful for brief periods of 7-10 days, depending on the circumstances. By taking a pastille every few hours, you can ensure a consistent delivery of the vitamin C and zinc right to the source of the cold.

Pharma Nord Bio-InfluZinc + Vitamin CNature knows best

Both the vitamin C and zinc in Bio-InfluZinc + C come from natural sources. It's this attention to detail that creates a quality supplement. Acerola cherries are known for their exceptionally high vitamin C content, which is around 30 times that of an orange. Organically bound zinc is better identified and taken up by the body. This is pretty important in a pastille, where fast action is needed.

'Keep a pack handy!

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