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From sea to store: I Love Seaweed capsules

Seaweed supplementSeaweed traceability is key to knowing the quality of the product you’re getting, and with over 10,000 species of seaweed worldwide, it’s important to know you’re receiving the very best.

That’s why you can trace the seaweed used in I Love Seaweed capsules from the pure waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides to the capsules you can purchase from the Pharma Nord site. Read on to discover seaweed traceability in 5 steps, from sea to store.

Step 1: Harvesting

The first step of seaweed traceability in the I Love Seaweed capsules is the harvesting of the seaweed itself. I Love Seaweed uses only the best quality Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, harvested from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland to ensure every capsule meets the high standard of health benefits and quality.

Before the harvesting can take place, the area is checked for safety, and the sustainability perimeters logged for quality and traceability.

Step 2: Sea to factory

The next step of seaweed traceability in I Love Seaweed capsules is the transportation of the harvest to the factory. Once a successful batch of high quality seaweed has been collected from the Hebridean waters, it is then transported in a cleaned and dedicated vehicle.

This vehicle then takes the batch to the factory, which has also been pre-cleaned to create the right environment for the next stage in seaweed traceability.

Step 3: Factory processing and testing

The third step of seaweed traceability in I Love Seaweed capsules is the factory process. Whilst in the factory, the seaweed batch is checked for contaminants. It is then dried slowly at a low temperature and checked thoroughly for metal during this drying process.

The batch is also milled using propriety techniques, and only then is it packaged and coded.

If any contaminants or metal traces are discovered during this process, then the batch is rejected. This helps ensure the purity of the seaweed traceability and maintains the superiority of the products that I Love Seaweed produce.

Each batch is tested in independent and accredited laboratories for quality and safety.

Step 4: Your capsules

By this stage in the seaweed traceability process, the batch has been checked time and time again to make sure it is within specification. Only then is the seaweed encapsulated in organic, kosher and vegan certified capsules. These capsules contain the Patent Pending seaweed ingredients, optimising the freshness of the pristine waters they were born from and all the while being readily convenient for you to purchase and consume.

Just two capsules a day is what is recommended to benefit from this superior seaweed. So what are these benefits?

Step 5: The benefits

This is the final stage of the seaweed traceability of I Love Seaweed capsules: the amazing things it does for your body and health once you start consuming them!

I Love Seaweed Food Capsules

I Love Seaweed Food CapsulesTwo I Love Seaweed capsules give you as much iodine as three whole mackerel. The UK has one of the highest iodine deficiency levels in the world, with up to 76% of school-aged girls with diets insufficient in iodine. Iodine is vital for normal thyroid function, and these seaweed capsules contain the iodine we need to seek to turn these figures around.

Not only that, but I Love Seaweed capsules also contain other vital nutrients like magnesium, potassium and calcium which can form part of a healthy diet, and research is on-going to suggest that seaweed could help manage your weight and your blood sugar levels. The iodine levels also contribute to normal cognitive development!

All seaweed is good, but some are just better…

Seaweed traceability is vital when looking for the best source of this superfood for you. Seaweed has been used for centuries, and thanks to Doctor Seaweed and I Love Seaweed it’s easier than ever to reap its rewards. Find Seaweed supplements and a variety of other health supplements at Pharma Nord UK.

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