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Pharma Nord actively participates in international research and more than 300 scientific articles have been released to date, in which Pharma Nord's products have been tested in research studies.

In this regard, Pharma Nord is among the leading companies on a global scale.
If, as a consumer, you want to invest in health and prevention with vitamins, minerals etc, then it is paramount that the tablet or capsule you are considering taking or recommending, has the intended effect. This is why it is important to choose products with documented effectiveness.

New research in coenzyme Q10 and selenium

In 2012 a large scale swedish study was published in an international (heart) journal. Kisel-10 - as the study is known - showed the results of four years intake of SelenoPrecise and Bio-Active Q10 in 444 persons aged 70 to 88.

This study was a double blinded and placebo controlled study, and after completion is was clear that the group who received Q10 and selenium were doing remarkably better than the group who received placebo tablets. The preventative effect was visible in a series of physical conditions as well as in quality of life.

Likewise, in 2014 the Q-Symbio study showed a clear difference between patients who received Bio-Active Q10 and patients who received placebo tablets. The study was conducted in thirteen different hospitals in nine different countries and is one of the largest studies ever conducted on coenzyme Q10. The study was published in JACC: one of the most renouned (heart) journals in the world.


Legislation does not allow Pharma Nord to write about the specific effects if these studies. However it is possible to find more information about this subject via Google.

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Produced in Denmark

Pharma Nord is a 100 % Danish owned company with production facilities located in Denmark. "Produced in Denmark" can have a lot of meaning and is often just an expression of the product being packed in Denmark.

But when we write "Produced in Denmark" it is because all of the production of the products is located at our factory in Vojens. This is where all product development as well as tablet and capsule production takes place.

The factory is approved for medicine production and because of this all work processes follow the same principles as if it were medicine production. This means extensive laboratory control of both raw materials as well as ready-made tablets and capsules. When the products leave the factory, the consumers can rest assured that the contents are active and without unwanted substances, even if the product is sold on its best before date.

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Focus on hygiene

All of Pharma Nord's tablets and capsules are produced in blister packaging which simultaneously ensures optimal hygiene as well as increasing the product's quality and effect from the first to the last pill.

At the same time it is easy and practical for you to bring the vitamins in your bag or when you travel.

See our film about quality and why blister packaging is a better alternative to pill glasses.