How to get your figure back

The second generation fat binder that reduces the uptake of calories from food.
SlimPrecise contains a natural second generation fibre that captures fat from food, blocking its absorption and therefore reducing the uptake of calories.

SlimPrecise is a great tool for successful weight loss.
This product binds 40 times its weight in fat and prevents the bound fat from being absorbed by the body.

What is SlimPrecise?
SlimPrecise is a 2nd generation fibre supplement which has the ability to bind fat. The tablet has a fast resolution which optimises fat binding.

SlimPrecise dissolves fast and is also fast acting. Laboratory analyses shows that the raw material used in SlimPrecise is able to absorb 20-25 g of fat per tablet. In this way it reduces calorie absorption. SlimPrecise tablets bind only to fat, not protein, sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. SlimPrecise contains soluble fibre and is designed to bind fat in the instetine. SlimPrecise are tablets made from the raw material FibrePrecise derived from water-soluble polymers from parts of crustaceans that inhabit the cold and clean waters around Iceland.

SlimPrecise serves as a supporting treatment for weight management. It aids in weight control and the reduction of cholesterol, including LDL levels. SlimPrecise is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions and complies with all relevant quality requirements.

What does SlimPrecise do?

Fat contains more energy per gram than carbohydrates and protein, and energy that is not burned is stored as body fat. Therefore, fat is a good place to start if you are trying to reduce your caloric intake.

The 'fat magnet'
SlimPrecise reduces fat, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides in the body in several ways. First, SlimPrecise acts as a "fat magnet". The fibre content in SlimPrecise is slightly positively charged and the fatty acids in the food are slightly negatively charged. This is a key element to why SlimPrecise has a higher fat binding capacity than other fibres. SlimPrecise can absorb many times its own weight in fat from the intestine.

The natural, active ingredient in SlimPrecise reduces levels of fat and cholesterol by binding to them in the instetine. A mass of fluid gel is formed, which practically catches the dietary fat, surrounding the fat droplets. The gel is then excreted normally, without contributing to weight gain.

Bile reducing
The active ingredients in SlimPrecise will also bind to bile in a physical/chemical way. The bound bile acid is then eliminated naturally. The body compensates for the loss of bile acids by forming new ones. This is done by conversion of cholesterol. As a consequence blood levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are lowered, but HDL cholesterol (the good one) rises.

How much should you take?

To keep weight stable: Take 2-3 tablets 30 minutes before a meal with a large glass of water.
If you want to lose weight: Take 2-3 tablets daily 30 minutes before 2 meals with a large glass of water

Superior quality

Each batch is tested for its fat binding capacity, which means that the tablet goes through analysis, measuring actual fat absorption before being released for packaging.

SlimPrecise meets the highest standards of purity. This product has no odour or flavour. It does not contain antibiotic residues or other contaminants.

The reason why SlimPrecise has such a high degree of purity is that the raw material does not originate from farmed prawns. The raw material comes from the shells of freshly caught deep sea prawns from the pure Icelandic oceans which are not polluted like other areas.

Pharma Nord also use a special process which further cleans the raw material and filters out any possible heavy metals or contaminants. The product is tested and the level of purity is confirmed at the release of every batch. This is the basic protocol for the active ingredient: FibrePrecise.