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Most children are born with too little vitamin D in their blood, according to a new study. The big question is: Does this deficiency continue throughout life?

There has been a lot of talk about vitamin D in recent years. The discussion has mainly focused on whether or not the population gets enough of this vital nutrient. A new Danish study certainly gives food for thought as it shows, rather surprisingly, that over 50% of Danish babies are vitamin D-deficient at birth.

This is a result of their mothers not having sufficiently high vitamin D status to ensure adequate levels in their offspring. This rings alarm bells for the Irish population as well given that both Denmark and Ireland are situated in the Northern latitude and get limited amounts of sunshine.

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Why D-Pearls have superior absorption

Vitamin D is lipid soluble which means that its absorption is optimised when taken with fat or oil. D-Pearls contain 38 micrograms of biologically active vitamin D3 that has been dissolved in high-quality olive oil. This is to ensure effective absorption in the digestive system.

D-Pearls was tested by scientists at the University of Oslo, Norway. The researchers gave 76 mcg of vitamin D to two groups of athletes and observed that the nutrient was absorbed very well when compared with a group taking placebo-capsules.


Source: ”Effekt av vitamin D-tilskudd på 25(OH)D status” (André Colin Klæboe Baumann), University of Oslo, July 2013

Important for the
immune defence

Vitamin D has many different functions in the human body. Besides contributing to normal bone formation and cell division/cell specialisation, vitamin D helps maintain a normal immune function. The nutrient also contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth and normal calcium levels in the blood.

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