NEW launch of Bio-Chromium  - up to 10 times better bioavailability.

Many hours of documentation work and a good dose of stubbornness now means that we can launch a new Bio-Chromium on the market with

Up to 10 times better bioavailability.

Pharma Nord's new Bio-Chromium is now produced with the raw material ChromoPrecise - the only approved organic chrom yeast product for blood sugar control in Europe.

Why is easily absorbed chromium so important?

Chromium forces blood sugar levels and reduces sugar cravings, which is important, as too much sugar in the blood can prevent the absorption of vitamins in the body.
Chromium helps the body's absorption of macronutrients, ie carbohydrates, proteins and fats. However, It is known that chromium is the body's blood sugar control. Without chromium, insulin is ineffective.

Chromium influence of macronutrients and blood sugar recognized by EFSA.

Read more about EFSA and how chrom yeast is being produced here.

ChromoPrecise as a safe chromium source.

It is the only chrom on the market with a bioavailability of up to 10 times higher than other chromium forms. This approval came from the Authority which is the highest authority when EU member states should be instructed supplements.

Since EFSA was created, there were already a number chrom yeast products on the market. However, they were banned in 2007, with a transitional period until the end of 2009 because none of the companies that produced and negotiated supplemental chromium could provide the scientific substantiation that was requested by EFSA showing that chromyeast meet all of EFSA's requirements for safety.

As a result, all dealers were required to switch to much lower, but approved chromium compounds. These compounds, had a very low bioavailability and were in many cases synthetic and inorganic.

Pharma Nord desided not to sell chromium chloride, but immediately began a process with many years of pioneering work to collect and document the safety and bioavailability of our own chrom yeast.

The EFSA approval of ChromoPrecise is the benefits of those years of documentary work.

How to make ChromoPrecise chrom yeast.

  • Live yeast cells fed with inorganic chromklorid
  • Chromium incorporated and integrated into the yeast cell walls and is part of its proteins, thus the change to natural, organic chrom yeast
  • The chrom yeast is being pasteurized, whereby the yeast cells die
  • The chromium-containing yeast cells is purified, spray dried, powdered and compressed into tablets

Read more about Bio-Chromium here

Essentiel element for your body

Do you have enough selenium in your body ?

Many countries are selenium poor, which may affect dietrary levels of selenium.

The trace element selenium is essentiel (vital) for the body and is part of more than 25 important enzyme processes that affects the immune system, metabolism and fertitity.

SelenoPrecise contains organic selenium for prevention and treatment of selenium deficiency.

With SelenoPrecise you are guaranteed an extraordinarily high (documented) absorption rate of 88,70 percent. This is due to the unique organi selenium yeast which contain 30 organic selenium compounds. Read more about SelenoPrecise here

We recommend Bio-Fiber

Bio-chromium is better utilised if combined with dietary fibre. Therefore we recommend Bio-Fiber.

Bio-Fiber is a dietary supplement without added nutri-ents.

Each tablet contains a balanced 520 mg mix of natural, soluble and insoluble vegetable fibers that are derived from lemon pectin and sugar beets which compensates for the relative low fiber content in modern diets.

Bio-Fiber is useful for supporting your digestion, as it improves the body’s ability to get rid of waste at the same time as supporting the bowel in emptying itself regularly and effectively.

Read more about Bio-Fiber here

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