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Something is lacking in your diet - vitamins!

News broke in the Daily Mail this week about the healthPharma Nord Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement implications of our soaking wet 2012. 

Vitamin and mineral content of British crops could be impacted by the bad weather, reducing the nutritional value of our food further still. 

It is already known that modern farming methods, food processing and storage techniques can damage the nutrient profile of food, but this news gives greater cause for concern.  The bad weather may even affect the taste of our fruit and veg!

What can be done? It's no surprise that we would endorse the prudent use of quality vitamin supplements for anyone wishing to improve their levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.  It is sensible to 'top up' key antioxidants and essential trace minerals like selenium.  A quality multivitamin will enable you to do this safely. 

However, vitamin supplements aren't impervious to damage by the elements. Water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C, can be degraded by contaminants and moisture in the atmosphere.  Oils, such as fish oil, can go rancid in strong light and heat.

Are your vitamin supplements in jars?

Beware! As you open and close your jar, pot or bottle, you let light and air in, which can damage the potency of your vitamins.  This is even more likely in kitchens and bathrooms where vitamins are often stored.  Worse still, tipping too many tablets into your hand and replacing them will mean bacteria and moisture will cling and start to undo the benefits when the lid goes back on. The answer is BLISTER PACKS!

 Pharma Nord blister pack their entire range because they want to limit any factors affecting the potency of their products.  Manufacturing to Danish pharmaceutical standards involves stringent quality checks, which Pharma Nord meet and exceed with their own internal inspections.  Bioavailability is vital, otherwise why bother? Imagine investing in your health by buying vitamin supplements in a jar, only to have them degrade and give you no benefit.  Well millions of us are doing this around the world without even realising.

Knowledge is power - choose Pharma Nord blister packs.  

Source: Daily Mail

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