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Male Fertility - Take care of your sperm

The Daily Mail has featured a story covering much-loved TV presenter Anthony 'Ant' McPartlin and his struggle to have children with his wife Lisa. There will be thousands of couples who empathise with them and Anthony McPartlin is right when he says it gets more difficult as we age. The body is simply less efficient. While there can be many things affecting a couple's ability to conceive (and we don't claim to know about Ant's own situation), one of the key factors for men is sperm health.

Dennis 'The Chemist' Gore PhC M.P.S M.R.S.A is a respected community pharmacist who has experienced directly how a couple can conceive when they improve their nutrition. He offers these words:

"Approximately 50% of the cases of male infertility are linked to problems with sperm quality, which has been declining over the last 60 years due to a combination of lifestyle, environmental and dietary factors. News reported in the Daily Mail (14/03/12) focuses on the dietary impact, revealing that excess saturated fat consumption, and being overweight in general, will damage sperm.

"The study published in the journal Human Reproduction has found that men who consume high amounts of saturated fat have lower sperm count and quality. Conversely, those who consume healthy essential fats, such as omega 3, found in fish oil, have better quality sperm. The article suggests that there are 'few ways of improving sperm quality for men who are sub-fertile', but I think there are two key nutrients that have been seriously overlooked by this article.

"Firstly, there's selenium. This is an essential mineral and many of us in the UK are deficient thanks to modern farming methods and poor diet. Selenium plays an important part in our immune system, but it's equally vital for semen quality. It's important to ensure the little swimmers are healthy and in plentiful supply. It's worth noting that the EFSA (European Food Standards Agency) has recently recognised the importance of selenium in maintaining normal sperm production.

"Coming in a close second to selenium is one of my favourite nutrients of all time: Coenzyme Q10. I am a huge advocate of this vitamin-like substance. It really is the elixir of life! Many people will know Q10 from its popularity with heart patients and statin users, but its fundamental function is to supply every one of our 100 trillion cells with energy – and that includes sperm cells! By having appropriate energy levels, the sperm can move more effectively and efficiently. This improved motility gives them a greater chance of winning the race!

"Sources of selenium and Q10 from food are generally poor if you want to reach optimum levels. However, you can consider adding Brazil nuts to your diet for extra selenium as well as plenty of liver and oily mackerel for your Q10. Supplementation makes more sense here. Men can take their vitamins when their partner takes hers.

"Pharma Nord make the unique SelenoQ10 supplement. What I like about this product is that it's made using high quality Japanese Q10 and Pharma Nord's very own SelenoPrecise organic selenium yeast – the World's best. As is always the case with Pharma Nord's range, it is beautifully blister packed and made to pharmaceutical standards, ensuring quality. I think that by adding selenium and Q10 to a healthy diet and exercise regime, sub-fertile men can further enhance their baby-making odds. So think quality and motility! Good luck to Ant and all the fathers-to-be!" - Dennis

You can read the Daily Mail article by clicking here.

Dennis The Chemist Gore Headshot

About Dennis The Chemist:

Dennis Gore PhC M.P.S M.R.S.A, or "Dennis the Chemist" as he is affectionately known, is a community pharmacist with a passion for nutrition that began over forty years ago. He regularly appears on radio and television, starting out on local radio over ten years ago. He has also appeared on BBC radio as well as ITV. He currently features on Sky TV.

For more information on male fertility and FREE advice on nutrition for sperm health.  We have access to the papers and have incredibly high quality supplements on hand, should you need them.

Source: Dail Mail -  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2280735/Anthony-McPartlin-reveals-wife-Lisa-Armstrong-struggling-children.html

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