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Cancer survivor chooses SelenoPrecise

We spotted Pharma Nord's SelenoPrecise in a recent article in the Daily Mail Online and Daily Mirror. The article was regarding a 78 year old grandfather who claims to have beaten 'incurable' cancer by changing his diet.

The picture featured Allan Taylor, 78, sitting at a table with our SelenoPrecise and the other herbal remedies he now uses. This extraordinary story of the man who got the 'all-clear' after finding what he was looking for on the internet, began an intensive alternative diet to try to cure his sickness. We all have a risk of getting cancer. There are no guarantees here in life, but at least we can control our odds to a certain degree by choosing the right lifestyle. A healthy diet reduces our risk of contracting the disease, and science has even managed to point out some of the substances that are believed to be responsible for this proactive effect. One of these substances is selenium. Pharma Nord SelenoPrecise Selenium Supplement Heart Health

Selenium is a so-called trace element (micro-nutrient), which means that very limited amounts of it are present in the food we eat. A number of studies have shown that selenium is able to lower the risk of certain cancer forms, but we still need the ultimate proof. Pharma Nord SelenoPrecise contains organic selenium, the preparation has been developed specifically to ensure a high bioavailability, which is necessary to ensure an optimal effect. Many selenium preparations and multivitamin tablets contain inorganic selenium which is not utilized all that well in blood and tissue, because any excess selenium if it is inorganic, is excreted rapidly.

KiSel-10 Study

In the recent KiSel-10 study, selenium has received more and more attention. There is a reason to believe that selenium is one of the most important substances in the human defence mechanism, and countless studies demonstrate that a low selenium status contributes to a number of health problems.

We are proud here at Pharma Nord that Allan Taylor choose to take our SelenoPrecise. We hope it played an important role in his wellbeing and wish him good health for the future!

As seen in the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror

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