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Pharma Nord (UK) MD climbing Kilimanjaro

Managing Director Bent Henriksen reached the summit of Kilimanjaro at 76 years old, proving age is no barrier to be in peak condition.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Bent, scaled more than 19,000ft to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, wihis guide Noel Hanna, two of his sons and two granddaughters. It was Bent's fifth mountain in five years. He had already tackled Everest Base Camp, Mont Blanc, Mount Elbrus and Monte Rosa. An impressive achievement in its own right. It becomes even more impressive when you consider that he's 76 years old.

At a time when many of us may be winding down after a lifetime of activity, Bent shows no signs of stopping. When he's not climbing Kilimanjaro or other impressive mountains, Bent is Managing Director of Pharma Nord in the UK. A role he has had for over 25 years.

The Danish company is known worldwide for its preventative nutritional supplements and commitment to research. And it appears that Bent is a good advert for the products he sells. Bent believes that he can generate more energy and stay active thanks to the coenzyme Q10 Pharma Nord make.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Day 2Gilman's Point - Mount Kilimanjaro Sept 2014

Coenzyme Q10

Q10 is a vitamin-like nutrient that's responsible for turning the food we eat into the energy used by over 100 trillion body cells. It's especially important for the normal function of muscle cells, including the heart. Our internal production of Q10 drops drastically with age and exercise, so Bent is a firm believer that it should be 'topped-up' if we want to stay healthy for longer.

When you see the toll that altitude can take on even the toughest adventurers, it's evident that increasing your body's natural resources really can help. The fact that Bent reached the peak of Kili, where other more athletic types failed, is a testament to this. "Pharma Nord have spent years perfecting the way their Q10 is absorbed into the body. This is really important if you want to feel the effect," Bent explains.

"We wanted to summit the mountain in good time to raise Q10's profile as a natural body fuel. My whole family, even my granddaughter Celine (19) and son Rasmus (38) used it on this trip to ensure we could cope with the demanding ascent."

But as an experienced traveller, Bent knows that it takes more than just good nutrition to make it. For those yet to experience the peak of the world's highest freestanding mountain, Bent Henriksen is proof that it's never too late, as long as you stay healthy and choose an experienced team to handle your expedition.

For more information on Q10, visit www.q10.co.uk.

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