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Bio-Fish Oil 'nets' Best Supplement 2012 award!

Natural Lifestyle Magazine Best Supplement 2012 WinnerReaders of popular health magazine Natural Lifestyle have voted Pharma Nord’s Bio-Fish Oil as their best supplement of 2012.

Overwhelming result

The annual Natural Lifestyle product awards are the opportunity for consumers who care about preventative nutrition to reveal which supplements they can’t do without. This year’s result was overwhelming, with Bio-Fish Oil scooping 61% of the vote.

Award-winning company

Pharma Nord is no stranger to accolades. Their BioActive Q10 Ubiquinol and Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil have been winners in 2010 and 2011. This success is due to a number of key qualities, including the company’s commitment to ongoing research, documented quality of raw materials and dedicated customer service. Bent Henriksen OBE, Pharma Nord’s Managing Director, was delighted with the result. “We are proud of Bio-Fish Oil. It’s the perfect way for the family to get the same balance of omega 3 fatty acids as found in fresh fish, without any artificial enhancements. We even use fish gelatine capsules. Customers tell us they love the lemon flavour, and many choose to chew them! We work hard to ensure the product is natural and documented as safe, so families and doctors can trust it.”

Omega 3 Fish Oil health benefits

Omega 3 fatty acids are most abundant in oily fish, and research has shown that increased intake could help with heart health, vision and brain development. But with up to 75% of the UK population shunning the taste of oily fish, omega 3 fish oil supplements like Bio-Fish Oil have grown in popularity. However, consumers are often baffled by the huge choice of omega 3 fish oil supplements, some of which are piled high and sold cheap.

Take the natural option

Expert nutritionist Babi Chana BSc Nut Med explains that not all omega 3 fish oil is the same. “Some omega 3 fish oil products sold in jars or bottles can be damaged by light, heat and air. Rancid oil is not going to give the same benefits. Those products claiming elevated levels of specific fatty acids, such as EPA or DHA, may often be heat treated or have their chemical structure altered, which can impair absorption. Stick to natural, high grade supplements like Bio-Fish Oil.” It seems that when choosing your fish oil, the message is “quality counts” and Pharma Nord’s awards success proves it.

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