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Are you a sugar addict?

It's that time of year again – there's tins of sweets and selection boxes everywhere you look. Do you find it impossible to resist?


Did you know that cravings for sweets are a sure sign that you have unstable blood sugar?

If you've low blood sugar you will feel constantly tired and hungry. If you've high blood sugar you force your body into a fat storing mode which inhibits weight loss.


The thing is, most of us have fluctuating blood sugar throughout the day. High carbohydrate diets put our body's on a sugar roller-coaster!

Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for maintaining normal blood sugar levels. So when we eat a meal, it's insulins job to get glucose into the cells where it's used for energy. Remember that the faster and higher your blood sugar spikes – the faster and lower it will drop. So when we wake up our blood sugar is low after fasting through the night – if you chose to have a muffin and a coffee it will perk you up temporarily but after a couple of hours you'll get a 'sugar crash' and may feel like crawling back to bed. What will you crave when you're feeling tired? Yep – more fat promoting sugary foods. It's a viscous cycle!


When your blood sugar stays within the normal range – you'll find that your cravings diminish and you have more energy. Chromium is a mineral that works side by side with insulin to get sugar into the cells (where it's used for energy) and out of the bloodstream, therefore chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

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