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Magnesium is a mineral that is sorely missing from the Irish diet. Not only are our soils depleted of this vital nutrient but the foods that are rich sources are not consumed often enough to provide an adequate dose.

On top of this, magnesium is depleted with stress, intense exercise, caffeine, certain medication and alcohol. Every single cell in the human body demands adequate magnesium to function, it's considered to be one of the body's most important nutrients.

Magnesium participates in over 300 vital processes in the human body. These processes include: the production and storage of energy, the formation of the nerve signal and the production of proteins. Magnesium is required for optimal bone health and plays a role in muscle function.


Why are so many people deficient?

Research shows that the magnesium content of supermarket food is 40% lower than that of 50 years ago. The industrialisation of agriculture is to blame for this dramatic reduction. You can't expect to grow nutrient dense crops from nutrient poor soils.

Here are ten more reasons to ensure optimal magnesium intake:

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Now you can ensure a high uptake of magnesium from Magnesium Pharma Nord.

Magnesium Pharma Nord contains three different magnesium sources to ensure an extra high uptake. Most magnesium supplements only have one. In addition, Magnesium Pharma Nord is prepared in a manner that ensures that the tablets dissolve quickly and completely in the gut, even in those with low stomach acid. Finally, but not least, the effect of Magnesium Pharma Nord has been documented in scientific studies.


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