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Immuno Support Kit

Switch on the news, and you'll see that the world is focused on illness right now, making many people question:  "What can I do to support my immune system?".

The human body is not perfect, and while the immune system is an amazing natural defence for harmful microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, sometimes it fails us.  In fact, as we get older, our immune system naturally declines (a process, known as immunoscenece). 

There are various things we can do to support a healthy immune system and below, we've highlighted key nutrients to consider to help build your body's natural ability to defend itself agains pathogens.

Let us present the Pharma Nord Antiviral Support Kit!

This important nutrient is needed for a healthy immune system, encouraging the production of white blood cells and protecting cells from damage. 

Various studies show that vitamin C supplementation can speed up recovery from certain infections.

Unlike other mammals, humans have lost the ability to produce vitamin C, making food or supplements our only option.

Vitamin D3 supports a healthy immune system, though as we rely on sunlight exposure to produce it, here in the UK, we do not get anywhere near enough.  

A recent meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal concluded that vitamin D supplementation helps protect against respiratory tract infections (this covers everything including colds, flu and pneumonia).

Magnesium is important for a healthy immune system.  It plays a part in over 600 enzymes in the body, many of which support fighting off pathogens (harmful microbes).

Magnesium is also known as the 'relaxing mineral', playing a part in healthy nerve, muscle and psychological functions. 

Containing various nutrients with antioxidant properties, Bio-Selenium + Zinc helps to support the immune system and protect our cells from damage. 

Selenium is necessary for the production of selenoproteins in the body, substances with important benefits.  Research has shown that selenium and selenoproteins demonstrate a wide range of immunity-related benefits including anti-viral properties.


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