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The Pycnogenol Phenomenon Book

The Pycnogenol Phenomenon, the role of Pycnogenol in human health and disease by Prof. Dr. Peter Rohdewald and Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. 

The role of Pycnogenol

Numerous clinical studies have shown a great variety of benefits of the natural Pine Bark Extract Pycnogenol on human health. Many people can use Pycnogenol to improve their health and their physical conditions; no matter whether they are healthy or suffering from certain diseases. Over more than 50 years of scientific research have proven the efficacy of Pycnogenol in more than 300 studies. 

Pycnogenol helps to maintain cellular health by protecting our cells and the whole body against aggressive radicals and it reduces the damage caused by these radicals. This slows down the cellular ageing process in our body and it also can increase cellular longevity. Decreasing radical damage by Pycnogenol protects against the development of age-related diseases. Pycnogenol also supports an active lifestyle, it helps to maintain good vitality, increases physical strength, cognitive and mental health.  In total: Pycnogenol supports overall health and general well-being. This includes 'quality of life' concerns such as energy, memory, a healthy, younger-looking skin, healthy sex life and normal, pain-free mobility. 

Until 1999 Prof. Rohdewald was teaching pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Munster, Germany. He is the inventor of several patents and author of more than 200 publications. His fields of interest covered in his first years as a reseacher problems of physical chemistry and pharmaceutical technology. Later he studied the connection between drug concentrations in blood and the resulting pharmacological action of analgesics, antihistaminics and glucocorticoids. His experience in analytics was the reason to start with investigations on Pycnogenol. After establishing analytics, production and testing of Pycnogenol, Prof. Rohdewald established a worldwide network of clinical research with Pycnogenol. Until today, he is still involved in research directed to explore the full potential of Pycnogenol for human health.

Richard A. Passwater,  Ph.D, a research biochemist since 1959, is Director of Research for the Selenium Nutritional Research Center in Berlin, Maryland, USA. He has written more than 45 books on nutrition including six on Pycnogenol. His laboratory research led to his discovery of biological antioxidant synergism. Dr. Passwater's research with selenium and other antioxidant nutrients has led to a series of patents relating to free radical pathology and health. Dr. Passwater is also the Science Editor for Whole Foods Magazine for which he writes the monthly coloumn 'Vitamin Connection' to help bring the latest research on nutrition to the public. 


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