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Pharma Nord UK Ltd have been supplying pharmaceutical quality vitamins and dietary supplements to consumers, health food shops, pharmacies, hospitals and practitioners for over 20 years.

Our products are blister packed to protect the active ingredients. The extensive range includes coenzyme Q10 ubiquinone and ubiquinol, pycnogenol, vitamin D3, omega-3 fish oils, multivitamins, glucosamine, sea buckthorn oil, probiotics and much more.

Pharma Nord supports research in the UK and abroad. We keep a comprehensive database of over 8000 studies.

Our advocates include doctors, nutritionists, cardiologists, bio-chemists, health writers and pharmacists.


Bent Henriksen O.B.E (Hons) - Managing Director

Bent Henriksen is a Danish-born businessman who founded Pharma Nord's UK operations in 1988. He has grown Pharma Nord into one of Britain's most respected nutraceutical brands. His passion and personal success with quality dietary supplements has been the driving force behind Pharma Nord internationally and has led to the development of Pharma Nord Specials. Bent remains focused on developing Pharma Nord in the UK and will ensure that quality, innovation and excellent customer service are achieved at all times.


At Pharma Nord UK we are proud of our reputation for providing excellent customer service, and our team are always on hand to go the extra mile. Give us a call and see what Pharma Nord can offer you!


Press Enquiries

To talk to us about any of our news releases or arrange an interview or comment from one of our partners, please contact PR Manager Howard Walker.

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